World Hide ‘n Seek Championships

This wanted list is likely to grow in number and extend its reach across the globe as anyone, anywhere can now be deemed a threat to any country or its leader, and disposed of without the ‘offender’ ever setting foot in the country.

  • now that ‘justice’ is spelled ‘r-e-v-e-n-g-e’ (according to POTUS)
  • as the definition of ‘friend’ narrows when its convenient,
  • the definition of ‘foe’ expands when its convenient to include those who do not toe the line; and
  • as ‘deed’ adds economic, financial, environmental, religious, etc, to its range of possible perpetrations that need to be decisively dealt with by world leader(s) who feel threatened in any way.

I watch with interest and dismay for signs that environmental non-conformists are firstly progressively ridiculed, then shut out, then threatened and finally shut down.

The same will apply to religious leaders and teachers; to financial experts etc

To those who dare speak the uncomfortable truth – they will be deemed a threat and dealt with



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