The numerous duties and functions that Members of Provincial Parliament (MPP’s) have are designed, inter alia, to improve public knowledge and involvement on that which affects them, and to ensure Executive accountability – that the Executive (The Premier and Ministers/MEC’s) accounts for the plans and actions of their departments, which they lead politically.  The focus of all our efforts, certainly mine and ours in the ACDP, is on improving governance and maturing South Africa’s democratic processes for the benefit of all South Africans.

In line with the National Assembly MP’s, one of the mechanisms MPP’s use is to formulate questions to the executive that are then formally answered in writing or verbally, at a subsequent sitting of Provincial Parliament. The Western Cape Provincial Parliament (WCPP) sits most Thursdays from 14h15 and it is during that sitting that Ministers present their answers to the MPP’s. (more on what else takes place at our parliamentary sittings in another blog post)

In order to further increase transparency and information availability, I will now be publishing the answers to the questions I pose in the WCPP, on my blog.    Feel free to comment and even to suggest further subjects regarding any problems you are experiencing, concerns you have, etc, with regard to the work of provincial government departments. I will then do some research on it and formulate questions or take another more appropriate route. If you wish to know more about how WCPP works, go to

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