SCOPA Meeting 30 May 2012

Today’s meeting of the Standing Committee on Public Accounts (SCOPA) of the Western Cape Provincial Parliament starts at 2pm, under my Chairmanship.

The agenda items are:

1)    Department of Social Development:

Briefing on GG vehicle accidents

Source: 2010/11 Annual Report, Pg 90 bullet 6.1.

2)    Forensic Investigation Unit:

Investigations which appear not have started, especially those cases reported via the National Anti- Corruption Hotline, and an explanation on the unresolved status of its “work in progress” matters.

3)    Auditor-General:

Briefing on the Performance Audit reports of Departments.

4)      Auditor-General:

Briefing on the Infrastructure Management Report of Departments.

5)    Consideration and adoption of draft:

  1.                    a.   Minutes of 16 May 2012
  2.                    b.   Draft Committee Programme 2012

(6) Recommendations/Actions


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