Q&A: Nurses at Special Needs schools

For parents who have either enrolled their child(ren) or are considering enrolling their children at a special-needs school, it’s important to know that the schools nurse(s) meet not only the basic health care qualification requirements, but that they are able to treat your child(ren) holistically. For me this would mean knowing how to best integrate all appropriate forms of treatment and care so that all of the childs needs are met more regularly and consistently, for the sake of the childs efficient development and the parents peace of mind.

Asking questions with this information in hand will equip parents more

If you need any more details on this, let me know and I’ll find out.




Mr G R C Haskin to ask Mr D A C Grant, Minister of Education:

(a)          What health qualifications are required for nurses at Special Needs Schools and (b) what other (i) skills and (ii) qualifications are required and considered beneficial for such nurses in order that the whole learner can be treated?



12.          (a)          Nurses at Special Needs Schools should be qualified nurses and registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa.

(b)          (i)            Ability to render first aid treatment including Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation; ability to monitor and administer medication including chronic medication (such as anti-epileptics) which would include venesection for the monitoring of the medication in the blood stream; ability to facilitate health education and health promotion to learners, educators and parents; ability to conduct physical assessments in line with the Integrated School Health Policy; and knowledge and the ability to treat the side effects of medication.

(ii)           Additional qualifications in Community Health Care are strongly recommended for nurses at Special Needs Schools.

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