I posed this question regarding the South African Police Service to Western Cape Minister Dan Plato (Community Safety) and it became an Interpellation (a formalised mini-debate) in the Western Cape Provincial Parliament.

What is the South African Police Service (SAPS) policy on officials driving SAPS branded vehicles stopping at accident scenes?

I framed it generally so as to encourage debate but getting clear answers proved difficult due primarily to his authority limitations over SAPS, especially on operational issues.

Surely most of us still expect that if we flag down a SAPS branded vehicle that is driving past, the official will get out and assist in the appropriate way in what ever situation it is, be it a robbery, or people have caught a shop lifter, theft, domestic violence. This question originates from my own experience while out and about in the Cape Town CBD. On one occasion I tried to flag down a branded SAPS vehicle that was driving past so I could alert him to intervene in a situation, but the SAPS official ignored me and casually drove on – clearly refusing to get involved.

This question will remain open until I can get clear answers

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