ACDP complaint to Press Ombudsman

The ACDP lodged a formal complaint with the Press Ombudsman last week after an article appeared in last Sundays edition of the Weekend Argus that the deadline of the article is misleading and inaccurate, and maliciously or carelessly portrays the ACDP in the wrong light.

Weekend Argus Sunday 21 Oct )

In yesterdays Sunday edition, this letter appeared.

ACDP lodges complaint for inaccurate article 28 Oct 2012 )

I hope this letter to the editor helps to set the record straight.  Now we await the Press Ombudsmans decision.



One thought on “ACDP complaint to Press Ombudsman

  1. Its disgusted that people act like hooligans and become violent if they cant get what they want-our beautiful country is destroyed by people with such social unacceptable behaviour-these people feel nothing for the rights of others -for them its all about their want and needs. Unfortanitely the country’s leadership is too weak to properly educate people what is social acceptable behaviour and what is not.

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