Opposition Political Parties Stand Together – again

I made this announcement in the Western Cape Provincial Parliament (WCPP) yesterday.  All of the opposition parties it lists tabled this statement and spoke in favour of it in the National Assembly around the same time I was speaking on it in the WCPP chamber.  In fact, looking at TV coverage of the debate in the National Assembly, I noticed DA MP’s give the ACDP’s Steve Swart a standing ovation when he took to the podium.  Not only is it an important statement on its own, but it builds on the unity within the opposition on issues that are vital to all South Africans.

In a speech delivered on 28 September 2012 at a public meeting in Pinetown hosted jointly by opposition political parties opposed to corruption and to the Protection of State Information Bill, ACDP President Dr. Kenneth Meshoe  .MP confirmed:  ‘the ACDP is also committed to working with like-minded parties to ensure that the Secrecy Bill is referred to the Constitutional Court, should the need arise. This, ladies and gentlemen, is not just a threat, but a reality!  Let us not fail the nation in this regard! The nation has the right to know!’  Much has and will still be said about the state, impact and growth prospects of the opposition in South African politics, but these initiatives point to a further maturing of our democracy.  This can only benefit South Africa, with one of the main positives being that South Africans can now vote for the party that best expresses their views and aspirations, rather than just their fears, knowing that the working relations among opposition parties is strengthening.  This in turn is positively affecting our co-governing efforts where those exist (primarily in the Western Cape).


“The South African people continue to bear witness to the further emergence of a government and a country different to that envisaged by President Nelson Mandela, those who fought for and all of us who celebrate the liberation of South Africa from oppression and the new democratic order that resulted in 1994.

But the Marikana Tragedy;  the appalling ‘Nkandlagate’ scandal; the failure by the government to deliver textbooks and workbooks to school children in Limpopo and the Eastern Cape; the downgrading of South Africa’s credit rating by two major ratings agencies; the mounting disrespect for our constitution and judiciary; the growing number of our citizens who must face the indignity of unemployment; and the uncontrollable and rising tide of corruption in the public service – all of these collectively point to the reality that ours is a country which lacks decisive leadership and vision, appall all of us.

In response to this mounting crisis of leadership, the National Leaders of the ACDP, COPE, DA, FF+, IFP, UCDP and UDM today mandated the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, Lindiwe Mazibuko .MP, to table a motion of no-confidence in Jacob Zuma as President of the Republic of South Africa, on behalf of all these political parties and our supporters.

The joint statement confirms that President Zuma no longer has the confidence of our political parties to serve as president on the grounds that under his leadership:

  • The justice system has been weakened and politicised;
  • Corruption in the public service has spiralled out of control;
  • Unemployment levels continue to increase;
  • The economy is weakening;
  • and The right of access to quality education has been violated, inter alia.

ACDP President Dr Kenneth Meshoe .MP stated that “It is not only opposition parties that have lost confidence in the leadership of President Jacob Zuma.  Many South African citizens, including members of the ANC (African National Congress), are supporting what they call ABZ (Anything But Zuma) and a new political party called SANC (South African National Congress).  The ACDP welcomes the formation of SANC which will help sink ANC that has failed to deliver services to the people of South Africa. The majority of citizens are unhappy about the amount of money (almost R250 million) spent on the president’s compound, and the fact that, until today, Parliament has not been told who authorised the expenditure and what the total expenditure will amount to.”

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