Swellendam violence – politically driven by ANC

The ACDP is NOT at all involved in and does not condone, in any way whatsoever, the aggression, attacks, violence, intimidation and damage to public and private property taking place in Swellendam – ALL of which is being perpetrated by the ANC.  These actions are not linked in any way to the farm workers strikes that have flared up recently in De Doorns and now other towns around the Western Cape. The Swellendam violence is purely and only politically driven by the ANC, on its own. 

The ACDP condemns the ANC’s actions in the strongest possible terms.

Over the last few days, several innocent bystanders including youth, senior citizens and business people have been subjected to violence and abuse by this out-of-control ANC mob. They have burned tyres and bins, thrown rocks at vehicles, people and businesses, shut down entry and exit into the town from the N2, several people have been taken to the local hospital  to the extent that it has recently ordered in extra blood to cope with casualties from these ANC-driven attacks.

This is also not new.  I personally have been threatened that if I return to Swellendam they will kill me, this after I was assaulted in front of the Mayor and several other witnesses, by the leader of a group of some 20 men, outside the municipal buildings in May this year.  I was able to retreat to the SAPS office to lay a charge of assault.  The ACDP’s Provincial Leader has subsequently also been physically attacked and threatened.

The ACDP has been part of a co-governing agreement with the DA since the May 2011 elections, and remains so.  The ACDP’s former councillor was expelled from the party on 14 October 2012 because he personally wanted to co-govern with the ANC as the Mayor, a more senior position than he held in the ACDP-DA government.  In fact, he was expelled from the ACDP precisely because he refused to accept the ACDP-DA co-governing agreement, because he frequently and wilfully undermined it in several very damaging ways, because he ignored verbal and written instructions from local (branch), provincial and national leadership within the ACDP regarding his actions, attendance at meetings, his statements, his work with the ANC in undermining and seeking to overthrow the ACDP-DA government at every turn, among other unacceptable, undemocratic and self-serving actions.

Since he was expelled, the IEC has filled the vacant ACDP seat and the new councillor was elected Deputy Mayor this past Tuesday by the ACDP-DA government. But he too has now had to flee this violent ANC mob in Swellendam, running through bush out of town with his wife and kids, because the ANC mob also threatened them.  The ANC’s actions are utterly unacceptable.

The ACDP has actively supported and worked with the DA and the municipality in its various court actions against the ANC and this rogue councillor, to restore the ACDP-DA government, meaning that Tuesdays High Court decision mentioned in various newspaper articles in the last few days, and on KFM and Cape Talk Eye Witness News, was won by the DA WITH the ACDP’s full and unwavering support.  It was NOT a DA victory against the ANC and ACDP, as some reports wrongly have put it.   The hostile take-over of the Municipality on 15 October was done by the ANC and Julian Matthysen in his personal capacity because he had already been expelled from the ACDP.  Thus, all decisions taken by Mr. Matthysen in subsequent meetings were made in his personal capacity and are thus invalid.  Before his expulsion, Mr. Matthysen was facing strong ACDP disciplinary action because of his actions listed above.  The ACDP distances itself entirely from the ANC’s and Mr. Matthysen’s actions and statements.

I thank Malungelo Booi of EWN for committing to correcting the inaccuracies I have found in EWN online articles, by airing my recorded statements in EWN media bulletins over this weekend and next week, that I made to him just after 7pm on Friday 16 November.  The Press Ombudsman will receive my complaint later tonight regarding other news print articles that appeared today.

So far, our calls to senior ANC leaders including the Marius Fransman and President Zuma to end this violence, have been ignored.  The ANC remains bent on destabalising the Western Cape through violent means, at costs.

More will be posted…

9 thoughts on “Swellendam violence – politically driven by ANC

  1. Thank you Grant. Keep on fighting. I read the article in which the DA hinted that ACDP was behind the violence. Were they deliberately dishonest or just confused?

  2. Thanx for this article Grant !
    I was the person who first brought the ACDP to Swellendam before the 1994 elections and I am a staunch supporter BUT I have stopped volting ACDP in local government elections though I still do Provincially and nationally.
    When I saw and heard what mr Matthysen and his cronies were up to I and many others distanced ourselves from the ACDP and started voting DA locally. His playing of the race card especially was most disturbing.
    I still have to meet the new guy and will support where I can.
    In His amazing love
    Herman Grobler

  3. Julian Mattysen has been a rogue councillor for a long time. His total disregard for people he considers unimportant is staggering. If he had had his way, I would never have been able to house 30 squatter families in Nuwedorp. But I prevailed, encouraged And funded by the Provincial Government of housing – and so inspite of Julian there IS a home for young impoverished families – now we must find this community regular employment. Thank you for your blog. Jane Mason

  4. I in no way condone Julian Matthysen’s actions. He has aided and abetted a state of total anarchy in Swd Council since the elections – 24 months? This however does not detract from the fact that the planners, perpetrators and co-ordinators of the shameful protests need to be identified and brought to book. If representing an organisation, that organisation needs to be held accountable – at least for the financial cost of this mess. The whole action was a well-orchestrated military-style operation.

  5. The one thing that upset me most was watching eye witness news and seeing how they were reporting lies. They had interviews with people that is known in town as ‘skollies’ and never bothered to check their facts. I feel they should also be held accountable! What happened to responsible reporting? I did send them an e-mail, but I feel stronly that this should be reported and I thank you for doing it!

  6. As a resident and ratepayer of Swellendam, I am so disillusioned with ALL the political parties ability to fairly and efficiently run this town. I would like to see a completely new council NON POLITICAL, made up of independent candidates of all colours , who care about the TOWN and its people and not promoting the agendas of their various political parties.The rate payers pay the bills and should call the shots – not egotitistical power hungry , salary hungry politicians.
    ……and on that note, these positions in local council earn far too high a salary, which is part of the intense motivation behind these trouble maker’s actions. They are pushing their own personal agendas too -They WANT those nice salary packages AT ALL COSTS.

    • I think this is an amaizing platform to start talking to each other in a constructive manner.Well done!

  7. Rumours are that the ANC/Matthysen is organising another intimidation situation on Wednesday with nANC support from surrounding towns.

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