Here’s a video from last Thursday’s sitting of the Western Cape Provincial Parliament.

This particular extract features the first order of business of the day, being the mini-debate (a so called “interpellation”) that I called for on SAPS response to the N1 / R300 hit and run accident of March 2011, as captured on CCTV cameras and that was subsequently featured on the Department of Transport and Public Works’s “Crash Witness Campaign” video.

The problem with the Dept releasing this footage is that the victims were not consulted and/or asked for permission to publish this footage.

After hit and run incident, one of the bike riders was hospitalised while the other sustained serious injuries. Both were severely traumatised by the incident.  The off-duty SAPS official was driving while drunk and proceeded to flee the scene of the accident. Members of the public chased after him in their cars, finally apprehended him many KM’s away and brought him back to the scene of the accident.

However, they victims were traumatised all over again when footage of the incident appeared on social media and friends alerted them. This was the first time they had even heard that CCTV footage existed, having never seen it before.

This re-traumatisation of the victims follows more than 18 months of  secondary trauma through SAPS not dealing decisively with the drunk perpetrator and then repeatedly lying to the victims about the progress of the internal SAPS case against the perpetrator.

Ultimately the SAPS perpetrator was simply moved side-ways to another, more cushy job elsewhere. Thus, he was not punished in any way for driving while drunk, for causing an accident and for fleeing the scene of the accident.

Watch the video on my Facebook page dated 29 Nov 2012 to see how the mini-debate unfolded and how SAPS mislead both the victims and parliament.Capture.JPG

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