Western Cape “State of the Province” address – ACDP’s expectations

The Western Cape Premier delivers her “State of the Province” address tomorrow, 22 Feb 2013.

I have stated that the ACDP is hoping the Premier provides details in the form of tangible and measurable solutions to the numerous Western Cape’s challenges, particularly in respect of how this DA provincial government will sustainably tackle the following matters that concern the ACDP and majority of people in the Western Cape.

This list is not in any order of priority nor does it attempt to be comprehensive:

  • the ongoing and worsening breakdown in relations between communities and SAPS, even while the legal challenge against the Premiers intention to set up the Commission of Enquiry, is still subjected to legal challenge.
  • the unacceptably high incidence of rape and domestic violence, particularly against our women and children.
  • the challenges raised in the National Development Plan, particularly those relating to poverty, unemployment, inequality and sustained economic growth.
  • the lingering spectre of racism that continues to have a dramatically negative effect on the WC’s growth and development trajectory, intra- and inter-community relations and crime levels within the urban and rural context.
  • the proliferation of so called “service providers” who are providing backstreet abortions to unsuspecting and vulnerable women, worsened by the associated health risks, the cruelty and reality of this greed-driven exploitation and stigmatising effects on the women involved.  To-date this has been a low priority problem for the WC Dept of Health and is NO priority for SAPS, who have equated this to ‘second hand car sales adverts’.
  • the lack of significant progress towards all WC departments and entities achieving clean audits by 2014, with stagnation in audit outcomes recorded in the previous financial year in most WC departments and entities (stagnation meaning they have not improved their audit outcomes and are not achieving clean audits), and even regression in some instances (regression meaning that their audit outcomes were worse last year than in previous years)
  • the ongoing devastating impact of substance abuse on all communities, particularly the youth and families, and the economy;  and the low impact of previous high profile substance abuse programmes in this term of office.
  • reducing the negative impact of the recently increased minimum wage for farm workers on unemployment levels within the agricultural sector, reversing the trend of reduced levels of exports of agricultural products influenced by productivity challenges, the way the strike was handled and the resulting reduction in international confidence in our agricultural sector; and also how this government will improve food security for all South Africans given these challenges.
  • the ongoing problem of high road accident and road death statistics, the flagrant ignoring of road rules and acceptable road user courtesies, how it plans to protect and educate pedestrians and other vulnerable road users; and specifically how it plans to address the dire lack of visible and effective traffic policing across the province.
  • that thousands of families in our informal settlements continue to lose their modest dwellings, their possessions and even their lives in the numerous fires that rage through our provinces informal settlements each year – the 300 families in Langa who lost everything on Monday this week is but one example.

In all these and the numerous other challenges facing the people, families and businesses of the WC, the ACDP would like to hear how the WC Government intends improving its partnerships with communities, civil society organisations and government institutions in all spheres, and using these partnerships to address the challenges.

One thought on “Western Cape “State of the Province” address – ACDP’s expectations

  1. Very interesting – what we hear about WC in Gauteng is generally too positive to be true, except for De Doorns and poor Anene Booysens. Perspective is good! Although Cape Town looks like a quaint little sea-side village when you visit it after years of living in Joburg. Was just researching substance abuse. The amount of drugs entering Gauteng is bad, but that entering WC is HORRIFIC! Apparently the drug-related crime rate in SA has gone up 242% since 1994.

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