DOVES PEAK: 567 Cape Talk interview notes

A civic group has submitted a proposal to the City that Devils Peak be renamed to “Doves Peak”.  These are the notes I made based on my interview with Steven Grootes of 567 Cape Talk during his Midday Report show:

This is not and ACDP initiative – but we support the proposal.  In fact the ACDP made this same proposal in 2002, but it was rejected rejected by the DA/ ANC majority in the City Council

The ACDP respects & values the vital role the church and faith-based institutions play in society.

Doves are synonymous with peace.  This renaming would be an important symbolic gesture in our city that is ravaged by crime, violence, gangsterism and domestic abuse – it sends an important message to communities and perpetrators that we, the majority of Capetonians want peace

  • The annual “Table of Peace and Unity” takes place at foot of Devils Peak – how contradictory.


There are more important things to deal with?

  • Life doesn’t stop when such a proposal is made
  • Church / faith-based institutions continue with ministry, counselling, teaching and community service programmes they have been performing for generations:

For the ACDP, we are continuously disappointed when our proposals regarding City’s budget priorities are rejected by the City’s DA majority and then ignored by media, but when this kind of proposal is submitted then we are ridiculed as doing nothing of any  substance.

That is simply not true. For example, the ACDP made these comments and proposals regarding the City’s budget, but we were ignored:

  • R181 new Head office for Water and Sanitation to be built while 20,000 households they are meant to serve will continue with the bucket system and a lack of access to basic sanitation facilities;
  • 20,000 households lack access to minimum electricity service;
  • The ACDP proposed upgrades to ECD centres, City clinics, fire-fighting vehicles and equipment, law enforcement vehicles and equipment;
  • The media also largely ignored that Minister Fransman and MP. Pierre Uys refused to take the oath in front of SCOPA, representing a fundamental breakdown of respect for this vital governance institution, but this proposal is ridiculed.
  • Media ignores ACDP concerns re governments increasing invasion of privacy the the proliferation of CCTV cameras that intrude into privately-owned property, and instead interviews the City who says “all is ok” and that’s the end of their inquiry.

Agreeing with this proposal represents a lack of priorities for Government?

  • Priorities exist in every Government department
  • Government delivers services simultaneously across all departments, every day – security, health, education, agriculture, economic, transport, etc
  • Government never resolves all service issues in one department before tackling the next department.


  • In our understanding this is not a major cost associated with this proposal because it is a natural landmark not a man-made building with a physical address, so if there are costs they would be to maps and CapeNature signage on the mountain side.



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