ACDP councillor Grant Haskin said they supported the expansion of the convention centre but that legal mat- ters had to be rectified.

“There are a number of legal processes which have not been followed. The land is not a servitude. There is a road that runs between the land. The road’s name is Corsa Road. We cannot just build over a road,” Haskin said.

“By law, the city’s transport department and property department had to agree to the use of the land. That has not been tabled before this council.”

DA councillor and finance portfolio chairman Stuart Diamond said Haskin’s comments made no sense.

“There is no road. It is a servitude that no one uses, so I don’t understand this argument. This matter has not been approved by the council. We are simply going to put this out in the public and hear what they have to stay. The CTICC is a major success for this city,” Diamond said.

Haskin asked for the matter to be referred back to the mayor. However, 149 councillors voted in favour of the expropriation while 10 voted against the referral.

Council votes for claiming land for CTICC growth.JPG

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