The City’s Forensic Services Department (FSD) report on the CTICC expansion comprises 215 pages of damning findings of maladaministration, irregularities, fraud and corruption against the former CEO of the CTICC and members of the Board, it reports huge breaches of the MFMA which amount to criminal offenses – specifically against the Accounting Officer.

Instead of reporting these breaches to SAPS for investigation and criminal justice action, which according to the MFMA must lead to prison sentences, the ACDP is appalled to see that the former CEO is still invited to write glowing opening remarks in the Annual Report, and that he is allowed to ignore his own culpability (identified in the FSD report) and that of some of the members of the CTICC board.

The DA is sweeping its own corruption under the carpet, and protecting its own – this is just one example.

The Annual Report is littered with dishonesty and omission, it ignores the FSD report entirely, particularly its conclusions and recommendations for disciplinary and remedial action.

On Page 92 of this agenda item, bullet 8.1.1 misleads council by saying that the FSD report had not been finalised – when it fact it was finalised in Aug 2013 – by written admission of the Chairman of the Board, Mr Fisher, even by their attorneys ENS I am informed, and the author of the FSD – a City employee. I will say more about this in a future agenda item today.

The ACDP therefore rejects this Annual Report and will present all relevant facts during the MPAC process.

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