So it’s no longer just me on behalf of the ACDP, but the Cape Argus on its own has now revealed one of the many fundamentally misleading and contradictory statements issued w.r.t the CTICC expansion.

The fact remains that this has been a deeply flawed process with laws regularly and purposefully ignored for many years, with illegal enrichment at the ratepayers expense. The City’s Forensic report reveals this.

The ANC of course are masters of plundering state resources, but this time it isn’t the ANC. The extensive cover-up must be unraveled in public so that Cape Towns ratepayers can know how their hard-earned money has been and is being spent.

Hence, the expansion should be halted until those responsible finally admit the faults and remedy them, until a legally compliant process can be pursued, and until those responsible are held fully accountable.

Until then, the squirming, denying and obfuscating seems set to continue – sadly.


“(Convenco chief executive Gary) Fisher had said in a previous response to the Cape Argus that the forensic report was initially given to the CTICC at the end of September 2013 “to deal with as it saw fit”.  This appears to have taken place before the release of the CTICC annual report last year. About a year later the forensic report was revised and this amended version, dated October 21, 2014, was also reportedly presented to the CTICC before the release of the 2014 annual report.

But Fisher said then: “At the time of the auditor-general’s report, dated October 16 2014, the Forensic Services Department report had indeed not been finalised.”

But the Cape Argus has seen written confirmation from Fisher, dated September 14, 2014, that stated: “We respectfully eschew the process proposed by the city, as in our view the city’s approach is fundamentally flawed. Furthermore, the city’s approach was adopted without any reference to us whatsoever. The Forensic Services Department report is not a ‘draft’ report. It was presented to the board as a final report on August 29 2013 to deal with as we saw fit.”


Bid to halt CTICC development

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