ACDP asked to support ANC Motion of No Confidence in the Mayor of Cape Town:
A journalist messaged me now asking me to confirm if the ACDP is on board with the ANC application for there to be a special voting procedure and have a closed (secret) ballot at tomorrows Council meeting to debate and vote on a motion of no confidence in the Mayor. The journo said the ANC claims that smaller parties are standing with the ANC on this and that the motion relates to concerns about various issues.
My reply was that the ANC has NOT consulted with the ACDP on this. In fact the first we heard of it was informally 10 minutes before the party Whips meeting this morning, where our ACDP Whip Demetrius Dudley was merely asked if we had been consulted. Demi confirmed that he / we hadn’t, to which the ANC Whip blamed their office for the oversight.
The ACDP still (as I post this) knows little of the substance of the ANC’s complaint(s) so can’t comment on it at all. What little I have heard, is debatable. So, until we know the substance, and unless we know soon (to give us time to debate it and consult internally), and thereafter, unless we are substantially in agreement with the complaint(s), we will not support the ANC motion.
It’s not only highly mischievous and misleading (untruthful) of the ANC to suggest that the ACDP is on board when in fact we are not, but also quite typical of them to do so.
No only that, but unfortunately this smacks of unsubstantiated petty party grandstanding politics for the sake of media coverage, and the ACDP won’t be part of that.
The DA governs the City of Cape Town and the majority of smaller municipalities in the WC, with the ANC governing the other smaller WC municipalities. The DA governs the WC (provincial government) while the ANC governs the other 8 provinces and most, bar some KZN exceptions plus Midvaal), the rest of the countries municipalities, and it governs nationally.
When the ACDP criticises the governing party, which ever party that is, we do so with substance (facts). The facts must speak for themselves and we base our decision on those.

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