This article is based on my speech in Council on 28 Jan. I said that the CTICC report purposefully and illegally omitted vital information on the procurement irregularities relating to the architectural tender for the much needed expansion – and the findings of the City’s damning Forensic report in this regard; it gave no details of the nature of litigation currently facing the CTICC, the legal implications thereof and the risk implications thereof. It ignored that there’s been a lot of media attention (and it’s growing) on the CTICC’s problems) and that this demonstrates the matter is of huge public importance.

By ignoring these, the report succeeds in purposefully misleading Council and the ratepayers of Cape Town – who own a majority shareholding in the CTICC through the City investing public money in it.

The truth, sadly, is that all is NOT ok with the CTICC. The CTICC’s report distinctly lacks transparency, openness and honesty – that we as ratepayers and shareholders deserve and expect (legally and ethically)

The ACDP rejected the report


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