55 million litres of untreated effluent could be pouring into Cape Towns oceans every single day.

The ACDP is deeply concerned about this:

A few telling extracts from the article (link below):

  • “The current (outdated) DWS licences allow the discharge of effluent into coastal waters at four locations [in Cape Town] – Hout Bay, Camps Bay, Green Point and Robben Island. However, in each case, the legally allowed volume falls considerably short of the maximum output the pipes were designed for.”
    • (In other words, at peak times / during peak season, the outflows almost certainly exceed the DWS license limits)
  • “But few realise that if the pipes around Cape Town are running at maximum capacity, 55 million litres of untreated effluent would pour into the ocean every single day.”
  • When the City was asked: “Do alternatives exist other than to discharge the effluent into the coastal environment?”
    • The answer provided by Kevin Samson (Manager: Waste Water, Water and Sanitation Department) is “NO”.
  • The next question “If alternatives to discharge exist, please provide details:”
    • the answer is “None”.

The ACDP disagrees 100% with the City’s stance. Alternatives have not even been investigated, no budget has been set aside for research into alternatives, nor for the implementation of alternatives.

The ACDP believes the DWS must either reject the City’s application, or renew it for a further and final 5-year period, giving the City sufficient time to research and implement alternatives.




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