Further to a previous post of mine on this subject.

I make these further points:

  • “The City of Cape Town (read ‘the DA’) is in the process of applying for permits to keep on using the current system.”
    • That’s finally an admission.
    • The fact is the City does not have the will to find the budget to fund the exploration of alternatives, or to fund the implementation of alternatives because it knows these will be costly.
    • YET the DA can find R181 million to build a new Head Office for the Water and Sanitation Department – the very Dept in charge of this stink.
    • So there it is – build a head office for this particular department, furnished with costly state of the art technologies etc, but don’t actually address the problem at hand…
  • “While it (the City) said the environmental effects are too minor to justify the expense of using other options, the City has admitted it has not explored alternative technologies”
    • “too minor”? Huh?  This statement demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of the nature and scale of the problem, and an appreciation for the long term health impacts on human and marine life.
    • The City even goes as far as to fob off claims that people are getting sick after swimming in these ocean waters.
  • The City lodged its application with DWS in June 2015 and a mandatory public participation process ran from 1 June to 10 July.  The City then stated it wanted to ‘correct “misconceptions” and “clear up confusions” about the permit application.’

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