CLIFTON DEVELOPMENT (part 2) also known as Maidens Cove and Clifton Bungalows

(Part 1 dated 29/5/2015)

Yet more contentious railroading of the ratepayers, presided over by the DA in Cape Town. Two weeks ago I commented on Erf 1117 in the Table View area. This time it is Clifton. Cape Town ratepayers only really seem to take note when it’s something that directly affects them.

This extract from the M&G article (link below):

“Reflecting the concerns of many ratepayers, African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) councillor Grant Haskin stood up to motivate for the process to be held over.  He cited the lack of a property valuation and feasibility studies, vague information, and concerns about traffic congestion, sewage disposal and the land’s protected status. Haskin said his sources in city departments had told him the process was not ready to go public and that officials had been “forced”.  They also told him that the city’s financial managers were “aware of shortcomings” in the process but had “determined it was ‘acceptable risk’ to force the public to take the city to court, [as] the city will be able to defend itself based on new information gained”.  Haskin called this “unacceptable arrogance”. “


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