Hate Speech: Andile Lile and Marius Redelinghuis

Andile Lili’s comments (of the ANC) are utterly unacceptable and contrary to the law in terms of inciting people to commit murder – and therefore surely a deep embarrassment to the ANC.

“Sometimes [criminals] are arrested… but the justice system releases them. So the only thing we can do is to kill [them] immediately if we find a criminal.

“We must kill them, comrades! We are liberating ourselves from criminals. Police are trying, but the justice system is failing us.”

The ACDP awaits the ANC’s formal written apology and condemnation of his comments, as well as information on the disciplinary steps being taken against him.  Now he has been arrested too – a further negative reflection on the ANC and further reason for him to be strongly disciplined.

In the same way, DA MP Redelinghuys’s personal attack and threats on Ms. Zizipho Pae (of UCT) for expressing her religious views, is utterly unacceptable in terms of his role as an elected public office bearer, and since they directly contradict the Bill of Rights in our Constitution.

The ACDP is pleased the DA took action against Redelinghuis .MP



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