DA prioritises financial support of gay event at the expense of other worthy events and the religious community

  • DA not supporting the religious majority of CT
  • Comparison to City sponsorship of other private sector events.
  • DA refuses to support our Fire-fighters

“The message from the DA to the service-oriented religious majority in CT is that they are on their own in their uphill battle against the City, even though they have faithfully and selflessly served the vast majority of our people for generations, and do so on a daily basis, while the City clearly panders to and promotes the event of a gay minority group”, the ACDP’s Provincial Chairman and City caucus leader has charged.

The “Mr. Gay World 2015” event (that aims to promote LGBTI) received R100,000 donation by CCT for facility hire for only 32 participants at an exorbitant cost of R3, 125.00 per participant, when a City owned facility would have cost nothing at all and when other more deserving events have received far less sponsorship, or none at all, from the DA led City.


While supporting and promoting this event, the DA sadly yet purposefully and routinely refuses, frustrates and blocks funding requests from the majority religious community for their events, meetings, campaigns, and conferences to the extent that these are eventually poorly attended, cancelled or downscaled; Refuses and frustrates medium term booking requests for the use of council halls and facilities for their Sunday and week night meetings; Provides scant assistance to land use planning and zoning applications from churches, shuls and mosques; Opens bottle stores, bars and nightclubs for -off and -on consumption of alcohol, and extends their hours of trade, even where churches, shuls and mosques are the neighbors.

Indeed, in the new 2015/16 budget, only 3 organisations identified as churches with programmes will receive Grants from the City (excluding Grants-in-Aid), totalling R133,000 out of the R156 million set aside for such Grants, which equates to less than 0,1% of the Grants budget.


The DA approved sponsorship to two other very worthy events at the same time as approving this event, but the sponsorships were pathetic in comparison:

  • in the face of ongoing Xenophobic fears and tragic history in Cape Town, “Ekasi Unity football tournament”, with 16 teams comprising 16-20 players each, mostly foreign nationals, and aiming to promote social cohesion and integration in Gugulethu thereby mitigating the possible instances of xenophobia, substance abuse and child abuse, received only R30,000 from the City equating to R93.00 per participant.
  • the “Tour D’Plain”, a cycle tour of Mitchells Plain to promote tourism, health initiatives and cycling safety, incredibly received a mere R18,000 from the City equating to R6.00 per participant.

It gets worse. In May 2015 council approved the following meagre sponsorships to highly worthy events:

  • “Ultimate X”, an extreme sports event with TV and radio coverage and with 5,000 attendees received R50,000 from the City equating to R10.00 per attendee.
  • “Grid”, an international photograghy biennial with 100,000 attendees received R30,000 from the City, equating to 3 cents per attendee.
  • “Cape Town Festival”, a flagship event for Cape Town, with over 3,000 attendees received R50,000 from the City equating to R16.00 per attendee.

While in July 2015, council also approved the following sponsorship to events:

  • “Taste of Cape Town” with 20,500 visitors received R32,000 from the City equating to R1,50 per visitor.
  • “The Freedom Swim” from Blouberg to Robben Island with a worldwide TV audience, received R50,000 from the City.
  • “International Ice Hockey Tournament”, with a TV audience of at least the 6 participating countries, received R200,000 from the City.
  • “Neon Run”, a 5km run, cycle and skate event with 5,000 participants received R100,000 from the City equating to R20.00 per participant.

It’s a disgrace to fund all the above events so meagrely, some with international TV audiences, others with many thousands of participants, some that aim to unite, heal, promote and have fun in our communities.

It’s a disgrace to call one event a “flagship event” and to donate R16.00 to it per attendee, while spending R3,125.00 per participant on this Mr. Gay event.


When our hero fire-fighters, who once again saved Cape Town from going up in flames in Jan 2015 recently requested assistance to fund their participation in the international fire-fighters games, the DA led Council refused and they were told to fund themselves on their own meagre salaries.

It’s a disgrace to refuse to support our own hardworking, life-saving, committed fire-fighters yet to fund a Mr. Gay World event to the tune of R100,000.

The ACDP appeals to the DA in the City of Cape Town to start treating all communities in Cape Town with the same enthusiasm, generosity and helpfulness as it provides the minority gay community in Cape Town.

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