Half of Cape Towns taxi’s unlicensed

So let’s see. 49% of minibus taxis operating in CT are unlicensed to operate yet continue to do so!

Road users all over CT witness, report and are impacted (accidents, injuries and deaths) by dangerous and reckless taxi driving on a daily basis.

Very little / basically no progress has been made In terms of identifying these taxis and removing them from our roads.

* Which department should be dealing with this? City Traffic and WC Provincial Traffic

* Who governs this role?  The DA in the City since 2006; and since 2009 in the WC Government

This department remains disastrously understaffed and underfunded year after year – for the last 10 years.

Yet the DA crows regularly about how it is making our roads and public transport offering safer, more reliable and more affordable.

Yet voters continue to believe the DA and someone somewhere will tell me not to criticise the DA.

Your solution – let the ACDP sort this mess out.

Article here



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