Reducing number of Provinces is a strategy

I think we can assume that the ANC ‘s sole reason (or by far the most dominant reason) for proposing a reduction in the number of Provinces, is to win back the WC by using its EC voting base.

It knows it will never win the WC again thru any other means than this.

Even if the DA loses its WC majority (which is possible) there are enough other opposition parties who will never co-govern with the ANC, so will have to co-govern with the DA in a multi – party WC government. The ACDP is one of those – we already co-govern with the DA in Swellendam and other local WC municipalities, following a successful stint co-governing with the DA in the City of Cape Town from 2006-9.

The ACDP bent over backwards to keep that multi – party government in tact precisely because multi – party governance (as enshrined in RSA’ s constitution) is that important to us and that much more beneficial to the electorate, compared to single – party governance, where absolute power leads to absolute abuse.


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