Speech: Level 2 Water Restrictions

The ACDP supports this recommendation but raises these relevant concerns:

The reality is that the Western Cape, and Cape Town in particular is constantly under threat of lower rain fall and drought conditions, playing havoc with the economy, agriculture, food security and driving up of food prices.

Water scarcity is a problem every single resident and business in Cape Town faces and they therefore should be part of the solution.

ACDP has 6 concerns:

  • Why are rain water and grey water harvesting devices not being installed in all new and existing City Housing developments. There has been no budget allocation for this for the last 10 years at least?
  • there no subsidies for the retro-fitting of these devices into private properties and businesses in the same way that energy saving devices are being installed and subsidized to drive down electricity usage?
  • millions of litres of water from the natural, underground Table Mountain mountain streams around the City centre are still directed straight to the ocean instead of into tanks and dams that can be converted to potable water for public use?
  • Why is it that hundreds of thousands of Mexican Fan palm trees are being planted and maintained along on the City’s road reserves when in parts of central and southern California, the California Invasive Plant Council considers its impact on native ecosystems a “moderate risk”, while in Florida it is ranked a category 2 invasive pest, when the “petticoat” it grows becomes a fire hazard and when the bill for annual cleaning and maintenance grows as fast and as high as the tree does?
  • Why is it that grassed road reserves are still be mowed and watered at great expense, instead of being replaced with indigenous, water-wise beds equipped with rain water harvesting and watering devices.
  • Finally, why is it that the City continues to ignore the ACDP’s proposals made 10 years ago, of investigating and investing in various desalination options as a way of assuring water security for future generations.

The ACDP concludes that the City cares much less about water than it claims and simply wants to tax its ratepayers to cover up for its own failure to plan properly.

Our citizens see this contradiction – so how can we then expect them to save water now?

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