DA Misleads voters (Exhibit 2): “Jobs not Jets”

” On 3 August, South Africans have the opportunity to vote in a DA government, South Africans have the opportunity to vote for jobs, not jets.” Quote from the DA.

Step 2: …. (waiting in vain for an admission that will never come from the DA that this was a Local Government Election so Zuma and his Jets were never to be affected by this vote, and that that primary role of municipalities is NOT to provide jobs.)

1. Local Government CANNOT stop Zuma buying a new Jet, even if the DA won every single City.
2. Local Government has NO DIRECT mandate to create jobs. It can hinder or enable the private sector creating jobs by providing or not providing basic services (water, electricity, refuse removal), processing zoning applications for business to operate, providing good quality municipal roads and public transport for workers to get to work, and many other things that indirectly affect business efficiency, productivity.

The FEW jobs local government creates is either:
* Temporary (EPWP)
* jobs within the municipality structure – but most posts are already filled anyway
* indirectly through the contractors who win tenders to build or maintain municipal infrastructure.
* some municipalities have bursary programmes for municipal staff jobs
And things like that…

For those who voted DA believing they would get a job and/or stop Zuma buying a new Jet – sorry for you.

Article here


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