DA back-peddles on its own Cycle Lane policy

Before 2011 and 2016 elections the ANC Cape Town Mayoral candidates have vowed to cancel the DA’s cycle lanes in Cape Town if it won the election.
Correctly – the DA defended their policy and have continued rolling out cycle lanes.

Now we see the reverse: The DA cancelling the ANC cycle lanes budget in Joburg

How bizarre. How populist.

Cycle lanes will continue to be implemented in CT – It’s DA policy, like the ACDP too.

That’s why it’s ridiculous that the DA is contradicting it’s own policy by cancelling them in Joburg.   Also, “when the DA took over CT” in 2006 I was there in forming the Multi Party Government because they didn’t win it on their own.
Cycle lanes were being planned and implemented before 2006 and “we together”(not they alone) accelerated that existing programme as part of CT’S NMT policy (non motorised transport). I was on that committee for a few years and ensured it’s budget was increased to what it is now

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