Statement: DA spends R414,000 of Ratepayers money on itself

The DA in the City of Cape Town has decided to spend another R414,627 of rate-payers money on itself, for a 2 day “breakaway session” at Krystal Beach 4-star hotel in Gordons Bay on 17/18 November 2016.
* It spent R327,000 less than 2 years ago on the same thing.
* Rather use the City hall for nominal fee.

The ACDP rejects assertions that this is “necessary expenditure” when it includes accommodation for all its attendees – all of whom live within driving distance of the venue, and when a City-owned conference venue should have been used that would cost the ratepayers nothing.

“What kind of message does this send to the rate-payers who are funding this extravagance?” asked Grant Haskin ACDP caucus leader.

“The City’s council chamber accommodates over 250 people and it was purpose built for councillors work, costing R20million at the time. Why is our own facility not good enough for the DA? The City Hall is another suitably located, City owned conference venue that would only cost the nominal daily hire charge.”

Hiring the City Hall would have the added benefit of exposing the DA councillors to its very real ongoing challenges and maybe convince them to look after it properly.

Less than two years ago the same DA spent R327,000 on itself for exactly the same “break-away” at Spier in Stellenbosch.

Once again, this represents massive abuse of rate-payers money benefitting a political party, when alternative catering arrangements should be made, when a City-owned venue should be used and when councillors should be expected to travel to and from the venue since they all live in the City -rather than costing the rate-payers over R2,500 per person.

The ACDP insists that the DA pay this money back to the City and her ratepayers and thank the ratepayers for their generosity.

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