ACDP supports Level 3 Water Restrictions

* This requires 30% savings on water usage by all users.
* City needs to lead by example and obey it’s own water restrictions.
* Rate-payers should report City breaches of its own water restrictions.

Grant Haskin ACDP Councillor and Caucus Leader.

The ACDP today supported the City of Cape Towns implementation of level 3 water restrictions in Cape Town, but we feel the City must do more on many issues, including these six:

1. We believe that CT Council should offer financial incentives for users who show substantial reductions in water use. No such incentives exist.

2. CT Council should reward those who consistently use less water than level 3 water restriction levels. No such rewards exist.

3. Why does CT Council turn away suppliers of water savings devices, including waterless urinals, without even a thorough assessment of the viability of their devices and the savings these will realise? Suppliers have approached the ACDP with these complaints.

4. It is scientifically proven that many palm tree types consume up to 1,000 litres per day each. Yet CT Council continues to plant hundreds of palm trees along Cape Towns roadways. Residents should be prioritised over palm trees.

5. When will CT Council harvest the millions of litres of fresh Table Mountain water flowing in natural streams under the City, that flow to sea? We disagree with the City when it says this water is being utilised sufficiently in the Green Point Urban Park.

6. CT Council must lead by example and obey it’s own level 3 water restrictions. We encourage rate-payers to report City breaches of these water restrictions.

The ACDP fears that CT Council level 3 water restrictions are too little too late, yet we support it nonetheless.

Much more ought to have been done long ago.

ACDP says it’s necessary to subsidise/incentivise water users who intro water savings mechanisms at huge own cost.
During the debate on this in CT Council, the DA rejected this proposal.

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