DA spends R414,000 of Ratepayers money on itself

To be clear: Rate payers money should not be used for party political breakaways, neither the DA’s nor the ANC’s.

In allocating R200,000 to a 2-day ANC break away, the Mayor has effectively bought ANC silence on DA extravagance and made them complicit.

Extract from the article:

In a statement, Grant Haskin, the ACDP’s caucus leader, said the expenditure was a “massive abuse” of ratepayers” money to benefit a political party. The DA should have considered using a council venue instead and the expenditure could not bejustified.

Haskin said an overnight stay at R2 500 per person was unnecessary as most councillors lived within driving distance of the venue. “What kind of message does this send to ratepayers who are funding this party political extravagance?

“The city’s council chamber accommodates over 250 people and it was purpose built for councillors work, costing R20 million at the time. The city hall is another suitably located, city-owned conference venue that would only cost the nominal daily hire fee.”

Article here


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