Green Market Square Upgrade: Long overdue

* ACDP welcomes 9 year overdue step.
* LOCAL traders must be accommodated with locally made goods.
* Green Market Square should be Capetonian predominantly i.t.o traders and goods.

The ACDP in CT welcomes the City’s announcement that it wishes to revitalise Green Market Square and St George’s Mall.

“This is long overdue. We (the Multi-Party Government) finally took control of Green Market Square in 2007 amid huge fanfare and promises of significant upgrades and improvements. But little of huge significance has happened since then,” notes Grant Haskin, ACDP Caucus Leader in Cape Town.

The cost of the planned revitalisation projects will have escalated in the last 9 years too, stretching the City’s limited financial resources even further.

“The City must now commit to re-introducing local Cape Town residents as traders at Green Market Square who produce locally made goods. To do that, many of the current traders will have to vacate. Certainly, those traders who sell mass produced faux-African goods from everywhere else except Cape Town should vacate.

“Green Market Square should provide an authentic Cape Town market experience with local goods produced and sold by local traders – predominantly but not exclusively,” said Grant Haskin.

Article here


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