Raw sewerage still pollutes our beaches and oceans

One year later:
* Nothing has been done about the (up to) 50 million litres of raw sewage, still being pumped into the Cape’s oceans DAILY.
* The European Union refuses to import fishfrom our coastline due to the high level of toxicity found in the fish captured off our coasts.
* The risk for children and people with immune disorders is particularly high.

* Blue Flag beach awards are a diversion from the real facts.

“Whenever we raise the matter the City of Cape Town simply ignores us and fobs the issue off. It’s about time the City government took responsibility for their inaction and took urgent steps to deal with raw sewerage polluting our oceans and beaches,” sad Grant Haskin ACDP Councillor in the City of Cape Town.

The City has not devised any communication plan to inform locals and holiday makers from SA and around the world, of this problem – which beaches and oceans are clean and safe, and what is being done about raw sewerage pollution.

“This is going to have a dramatic affect on our tourism industry, a major companant of the City’s GDP, if any tourists or more locals encounter health problems after a day at the beach or in our oceans this summer.”

This report below is a year old but still nothing has changed.

Article here


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