Speech: Cape Town Partnership – Deteriorated under DA watch

  • Yet it Is funded and monitored by the City and WC Government
  • It completed only 20% of its 2015/16 projects

The Cape Town Partnership has a long history of excellent work and has had a hugely positive impact on Cape Town’s CBD and surrounds since 1999.  Its proud list of  achievements is extensive. The CTP “promotes investment within the CBD, advances sound urban planning principals and aids property developers and investors in Cape Town CBD projects.”

The CTP is funded by the WC Government and the City of Cape Town.  In the last three years alone the City has disbursed R27,9 million in grant funding to CTP (R9,6 million in 2015/16 up from R8,5 million in 2013/14).

While disbursing that grant funding to CTP, the City exercises its fiduciary oversight in various ways including appointing officials and councillors to serve on its board and on its committee’s.  Moreover, the City’s Economic Development Department “has a well-structured monitoring and evaluation process that assesses monthly income and expenditure, and all reports, etc.

Yet at the end of the 2015/16 Financial Year, the CTP only completed 20% of the agreed programmes and projects, even though the CTP was continuously alerted and warned against poor and non-delivery.

The last three mayors are quoted in media reports praising the CTP and regularly bask in the glow of its work, even while the knock on effects i.r.o  the loss of skilled staff and non-performance is such that the City is no longer able to commit to further funding in future years.

The City must look internally at its own role in allowing this decline. It must understand why this has happened, who it appointed as directors on the CTP board and which other representatives on committees didn’t fulfil their responsibilities.

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