City earns millions from water users. Not using it properly


* Whats the use of additional millions in income with no water?
* City has no plan to resolve our imminent water OUTAGE!
* Millions of litres of fresh spring water wasted daily.

“We are appalled that while the City rakes in millions in new revenue from ratepayers for their excessive water use, it still has not produced a viable plan to provide potable water to the city’s one million households,” said Grant Haskin ACDP Councillor in a statement.

“What’s the use of earning all this additional revenue but we run out of water? The City has NO plan to ensure Cape Towns 1 Million households have potable water in 90 days time.”

“We have millions of litres of fresh Table Mountain water flowing under the city into the sea daily, and while some of it is used for the Green Point Urban Park (the rest wasted), ALL of it should be channeled directly to City RATEPAYERS.
Why is a park treated better than ratepayers?” asked Grant Haskin

Read article here

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