SPEECH: City Adjustment Budget 2016/17


  • Reasons for project delays are the same year after year
  • Housing delivery is not a priority for the City of Cape Town

The ACDP today expressed its support for the City of Cape Town’s Adjustment Budget but has raised serious concerns:

The amount of rubbish, illegal dumping and lack of service delivery in Mitchells Plain and across the Cape Flats confirms that Cape Town is two cities.

Yet Expanded Public Works Project (EPWP) “employees” are to be seen across the city sitting around, working slowly or playing on their cell phones – all without adequate supervision and management.  They should be used to improve these basic services like solid waste cleansing on the Cape Flats and.

Much has been said about the City’s new Organisational Development and Transformation Plan (ODTP) and how it is intended to improve the way the City delivers services.  We sincerely hope that the millions who live in Mitchells Plain and across the Cape Flats are finally going to see and feel an improvement in service delivery.

In terms of Human Settlements, the Mayor announced in a Tafelsig election debate that the Beacon Valley Housing Project will be delivered.  However, as with so many other projects, this adjustment budget confirms that it is delayed until next financial year.  The reasons given for this delay are the same reasons given for delaying many other projects across the City over the last 10 years or more – problems with the contractors, protestors, consultants.  Why haven’t these problems that cause project slippage year after year, still not been resolved?

Yet in Mitchells Plain and across the Cape Flats hundreds of thousands of people are forced to live in backyards or in shacks, and remain on the waiting list for 20 – 30 years while the City promises housing and under-delivers.

The ACDP is convinced that housing is not a priority for the City of Cape Town.

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