ACDP rejects EFF motion: City parking attendants

The motion alleges the operating company is making lots of money, that wages are low and many parking attendants are non-SA citizens.   It seeks to terminate the contract and that parking bays be allocated to SA citizens for their own income and upkeep.  Two assertions in the motion are unsubstantiated and cannot be supported.

The ACDP feels that two observations in the motion are unsubstantiated

  1. The motion provides no proof of profiteering beyond what’s allowed in the contract
  2. And no measure or comparison is provided of how low or high the wages are

The motion also makes an allegation that some parking attendants are not South Africans – we believe that this allegation should be referred to the Dept: Home Affairs for them to conduct an inspection of the business and its staff, and proceed from there based on their findings and according to relevant legislation.

The ACDP also rejects any xenophobic interpretation of the motion – the fact is that South Africa proudly holds its place of influence in Africa because of the support of other African countries and their citizens have given us.   In this context it is untenable to not support African countries and its people.

Finally, it is a Biblical principle to love, respect and protect visitors to our country, this would include allowing those legally entitled to live here to find work here too.

Thus, the ACDP does support the motion

Capture motion

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