Speech: Level 3b Water Restrictions

We definitely agree that stronger water restrictions must be implemented but:

  • Based on the current weekly consumption rate divided into the current overall dam levels, minus the last 20% (not 10% as the Mayor mentioned) which is not usable, we calculate that we have about 20 weeks of potable water left which takes us to mid-May 2017.
  • Simply put, by now our dire water problem should be front and centre for every Capetonian – but it’s not.
    • The Mayor says the City knows who the 20,000 highest water users are. If that’s the case, the City should already have met with them in 2016, and not be talking about only starting that now.
    • Why were so many water users saying they only heard about the level 3 water restrictions in early January 2017 when we’ve had water restrictions for over a year now?
    • City posters should have been up all over the City calling on everyone to save water, including our millions of tourists. But the City has been silent, especially during the holiday period when our cumulative use has increased.
    • Our electronic freeway message boards should flash reminders during peak times – but they are silent too.
  • The City must commit to increasing its frequency and form of communication with all water users, educating users how to save water.
    • The City must visit all of the 20,000 highest water users by the end of March 2017 and flag their meters for specific monitoring
  • Furthermore, no progress is being made to harvest the underground spring water from the 36 Table Mountain springs, for human consumption.
    • The little that is used, is for the Green Point Urban Park only, which, as long as it remains green, gives visitors the impression there is no water problem or that the City’s not obeying its own restrictions.
    • Too many ratepayers are complaining the City is not obeying its own water restrictions – that’s a lack of respect and leadership.
    • No progress is being made to install rain water harvesting devices and grey water usage devices at all municipal owned buildings including public housing.
  • The ACDP proposes these amendments to the Level 3B restrictions contemplated in the report to Council:
    • Ban the filling or topping up private and public swimming pools (not singling out those with pool covers)
    • Ban the use of drinking water for watering public parks and open spaces, golf courses, sports fields including schools (no exemptions considered and all exemptions already given should be revoked)
    • All public and private ornamental fountains, spray parks and water features that don’t reuse its own drinkable must be switched off 24/7 (no exemptions considered and exemptions already given should be revoked)
    • The use of fitted pool covers for all public swimming pools is mandatory (not just strongly encouraged)
    • Besides the above, all exemptions already given should be re-assessed and re-issued in exceptional circumstances only, or revoked where issued in error

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