Question to Mayor re 17 August #WaterCrisis announcements

At the Council meeting today the Mayor referred to the 3 “solutions” she had unveiled on 17 Aug 2017 to address the Cape Town #WaterCrisis.  Here is my question, basically: “This has been promised before but not delivered, why should we believe you this time?”, her reply and my concluding comments assessing her answer.

The ACDP welcomes your announcement last week on 17 August 2017 (see: )

Your plan can be grouped into 3 categories:

  1. Groundwater extraction from aquifers
  2. Desalination
  3. Water re-use

The problem is that the City has made commitments on these 3 before:

  1. Groundwater extraction from aquifers – City commitments made since 2001
  2. Desalination – City commitments made since 1999
  3. Water re-use – City commitments made since 2000. Implementation remains micro scale

None of these have been implemented on a large scale (besides less than 10% of used water being re-used for farming, school sports fields, etc, which means small scale implementation)

If these are a solution now, do you agree we would not have a water crisis if these had been implemented 16 years ago?


The Mayor replied that these projects ARE being implemented already – an example is the City has been using aquifer water for the Green Point Urban Park since 2010, now it’s simply being broadened to include extraction for drinking purposes.


  • Show me one desalination plant in Cape Town – there is not one
  • Show me one existing groundwater extraction project from the TMG Aquifer, Cape Flats Aquifer, Atlantis Aquifer, Newlands Aquifer, etc.
  • The Green Point Urban Park (and maybe the Company’s Gardens) is watered through the extraction of water from the 36 underground springs under the City CBD (“Operation Reclaim Camissa”). This amounts to a micro percentage of all that spring water that flows into the sea, and since none of that extraction is used for drinking water, that is a nonsense example to use.

4 thoughts on “Question to Mayor re 17 August #WaterCrisis announcements

  1. The Helderbrrg, Stellenbosch and Gordons Bay mountains, not to mention the Paatl and Franchoek mountains are exposed to tons of water in the form of clouds all year round. Natural ravines are plentiful for construction of high level and extremely deep dams are possible. Atmospherics water extraction plants have been developed that can extract water from low to normal humidity conditions at rates exceeding 500 lmega liters a day according to suppliers such as Ecoloblue. Wind power is available all year round especially the south Easter In the summer. Hydto electric power can be generated from high level dams. Catchment areas for these dams can be connected by a system of pipes and channels. Cloud seeding could also be looked at to allow clouds to release tons of water in the catchmrnt areas. These mountain ranges are natural obstacle to rain bearing winds coming off two of the biggest oceans in the world. We sjould be taking advantage of this.

    • Well there seems to be no money investment in this otherwise it wouldve been done already and managed properly there is always money for other things and other people. Government doesnt seem to be motivated to give just take.

  2. The city has created the water problem and contributed to it by not managing funds correctly and by not creating the infrastructure needed to help the transport of water from the mountains to the dams around Tierwaterkloof .The farmers now have to fix it themselves but are not being helped but ….delays are always happening.. The government has has collected water tax from the farmers for the last +- 20 years and re allocated this to ” óther” projects . Ask the water minister why he obfuscates the issue and how long has he known about this for.. It boils down to non delivery and this issue is creating more income for government without service delivery.. This issue was created by government and we are paying for it!

  3. Here is a good speech about white lilicit privilege

    Dinesh D’Souza makes a good argument that can be applied to South Africa about reversing the immoral policies of the past. If The ANC really believe in equal economic freedom ( and other parties)why keep the wealth in the black minority (that they have accumulated so far) they should show they can give their own money to uplift the under privileged and not just for themselves. Giving mostly just to themselves shows they only have self interest and not that of the underprivileged. Why couldnt Zuma use R300m to build houses for the poor if he did would it have been seen as unconstitutional? None of these politicians put their money where their mouths are until they do they only prove their hypocrisy and dont believe in their own policies to serve justice. There is a huge need to build houses not shacks in Hout Bay and land for sale government doesnt show that they care for the poor only their own self interest.

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