ACDP comments on Confidential Council meeting

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(follow link to all the reports:…/meeting-cal…/pc-meeting-detail…)
The reports tabled at the meeting, all attachments and decisions have been made public by declaration of the Speaker of Council and uploaded to the City’s website (link above)
• The confidential reports presented to Council today are biased, misleading and selective with the truth.
• The Mayor and the City Manager should be charged for trying to mislead council by tabling these reports.
• The DA’s Deputy Mayor has confirmed the investigation includes senior DA councillors and City Officials. The net must be cast wider to include them.
• This based on evidence from a senior City Official whistleblower who made substantive allegations under the Protected Disclosures Act. The disclosures will become public knowledge.

Since the year 2000, we in the ACDP caucus has never seen reports to Council so heavily laden with selective information, emotive language and speculation as these are, that try to brow beat Councillors into agreeing with the recommendations. The reports paint the picture that all of the facts and all of the truth has been revealed, that those accused in these reports are the only wrong-doers, that those not accused in these reports are squeaky clean.

Mr. Kesson, the City’s Executive Director: Directorate of the Mayor, is the primary target in these reports. He was appointed in December 2016 (one year ago) amid much fanfare about his extensive experience and expertise. As the Mayors ‘blue eyed boy’, he was head of all probity functions including Forensic Services, Internal Audit, Risk and Ethics Governance and the City Ombudsman, and the architect of the Citys much publicised “Organisational Development Transformation Plan” (ODTP).

Yet these reports expect us to believe that he has become a corrupt City-Capturer, aided and abetted by the City’s Head of Probity whose conduct has been so bad that she has already been suspended (but not by her immediate superior, Mr. Kesson). Mr. Kesson represented her in her suspension hearing and was to be her main witness. It is clear to the ACDP caucus that Mr. Kesson and Ms. Ndaba have been thrown under the bus as the whistle-blowers to massive corruption involving senior DA Councillors and City Officials.

Cape Town’s Executive Deputy Mayor, Ald. Ian Neilson rescued the DA from being complicit in misleading Council today, while confirming that senior DA Councillors and City officials are to be investigated.

Now, after amended recommendations were adopted by council, Mr. Kessons memorandum was handed to Executive Deputy Mayor Neilson under the Protected Disclosures Act. Council resolved today to make his full disclosure public. Watch this space.…/meeting-cal…/pc-meeting-detail…

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