Save the PHA to save the CFA

Saving the whole Philippi Horticultural Area will save the Cape Flats Aquifers biggest and most vital recharge zone, thus enhancing #WaterSecurity for all Capetonians.

Saving the PHA requires inter alia:
* keeping the zoning for ALL its land parcels as agriculture, which includes
* not developing any more PHA land parcels for anything other than agriculture,
* relocating non-Agri sector industries from the PHA, and
* returning already and recently rezoned land parcels back to agriculture zoning;
* incentivising and assisting all small scale farmers and new emerging farmers already located there;
* facilitating the growth and functionality of the entire agri supply chain including retailers prioritising ‘buying local’ PHA food produce;
* hard, non-porous surfaces made porous;
* increasing the safety and security of the farming community, their families and produce

What else…?

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