Marine Outfalls: Raw sewerage dumped into Cape Towns oceans

MARINE OUTFALLS: Raw Sewerage dumped in Atlantic ocean around Cape Town:

This study appears to contradict the recently published CSIR report saying it poses no risk

In the absence of scientific agreement, I suggest a “better safe than sorry” approach so I’ll continue to call for the City to re-direct sewerage to land-based Waste Water Treatmen Works (WWTW) instead of dumping it in the ocean.

Since the City commissioned the CSIR report, that concluded in its favour, it’s likely the City will lean on that report and continue as before without change – because its cheaper and easier.

This means public pressure must continue with the aim of compelling the City to consider this new report and act in terms of its findings.

I have written to both reporting bodies asking for public comment on the other report.

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