Extract from article:
Grant Haskin from the ACDP said there was “a strong likelihood” that they won’t support the levy proposal.

“The City has not engaged the public on this proposal to hear what Capetonians have to say or to gather suggestions about alternatives. Capetonians have faced 10 successive years of huge increases to their household rates account for rates, water, electricity, sanitation and waste removal. This new charge adds to Capetonians’ financial burden. The City has made Cape Town unaffordable to live in and this additional charge makes it worse

“The City makes no mention of having exhausted all other financial avenues to fund this shortfall, which it ought to have done and which it had time to do had it done financial scenario projections earlier this year or before. Now Capetonians are being penalised for the City’s poor planning and for saving water.”

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