No resistance from opposition to CT spatial transformation

* Its a red herring to distract from deepening divisions within the DA
* And its being used as a ploy to explain away allegations of maladministration within the senior Political and Administrative echelons of the City (via The Kesson affidavit):
* IE: These allegations are designed to remove only those who want spacial transformation by those who are resisting it
* Opposition from City officials must be dealt with by the DA government.

Here’s a quote from Cllr Grant Twigg – DA Metro Chair:
“The current political situation in Cape Town is becoming a mind game, and interesting cause it tries to remove focus from one issue to another wen in fact if it is true then it’s two different matters of equal importance. Before Craig Kesson’s claims of possible irregularities in the city, there was no such thing that anyone was trying to stop the spatial transformation within the city. So why is the attention of Cape Town deliberately being shifted to this only after the whistleblower identifies major concerns. Being a Cllr in the city of Cape Town myself there was never mention to me or my colleagues that we getting opposition within regarding these plans to transform Cape Town. It’s now only in the media that I hear of this, well maybe this too should be investigated, but then let’s keep the the two matters separated cause strangely enough I realise that some media is now focussing more on the latter, I wonder why?”

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