ACDP against Drought Levy / Surcharge

The African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) caucus in the City of Cape Town’s council says it does not support the proposed drought levy.

The City hopes to raise almost R500 000 000 million in the first year of implementing a drought charge.

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ACDP leader and former Cape Town deputy mayor Grant Haskin says his party is against the levy because taxing ratepayers should be the last resort.

Meanwhile, Mayor Patricia De Lille warns too many residents are simply not saving enough water.

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Haskin claims that there are others funds in the City’s coffers to finance its water augmentation schemes.

He argues that ratepayers are being forced to foot the bill while the City has been dragging its feet.

We’re not going to be supporting the drought surcharge as the ACDP.

Grant Haskin, ACDP leader

We feel that ratepayers should be left as a last resort as a funding source.

Grant Haskin, ACDP leader

Why are the ratepayers being lumped with the bill?

Grant Haskin, ACDP leader

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