ACDP wants Multiparty Government for Cape Town

The African Christian Democratic Party, which has three seats on the 231 seat Cape Town City council, has responded positively to the news that the ruling Democratic Alliance wants the mayor to leave office. 

The party welcomed the news that Mayor Patricia de Lille looks likely to be suspended although its leader Grant Haskin said the party understood that the process “is still unfolding, so we trust that it will be completed speedily and smoothly”.

Haskin, a former deputy mayor, said his party believed the DA’s absolute majority in the City – it has a 66 percent majority on the council – has been abused for too long “just like the ANC (in those places) where it governs alone”.

“The only remedy to this is a multi-party government of co-accountable partners, with all the associated social and economic benefits to the nation.”

Haskin said his party had highlighted De Lille’s poor and questionable leadership of the City for many years. “What the City needs is honest, accountable and ethical leadership that works with, respects, and is responsive to the needs of all Capetonians.”

The ruling DA said the mayor must show cause why she should not be suspended. The party is accusing her of poor governance.

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