Numerous very serious allegations against the Mayor of Cape Town, City Manager, CT Transport Commissioner and another Executive Director are being investigated by an independant investigation team of a CT law firm – the report is due before Council on 5 Jan 2018;
The Mayor and Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security were suspended from DA party activities on 03 Oct 2017 and remain suspended pending finalisation of internal processes – this should be concluded during Jan 2018, surely.
The report on this internal investigation reportedly found “management and government-related problems in the City of Cape Town”…
resulting in the Mayor, Speaker of Council and Chief Whip of Council being asked to provide written reasons (in mid Dec 2017) why the DA should not be removed from office – this process will also be concluded in Jan 2018, surely.

All of this occurring at the same time and during Cape Towns worst #WaterCrisis in history (but not the worst drought in CT’s history – see a previous post), the summer holidays, Christmas celebrations and the tourism influx.

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