CITY’S WATER BY-LAW AMENDMENTS: Insufficient time for public comment (from 12 Dec to 8 Jan)

* The City published its draft amendments on its Water By-Law on 12 Dec 2017. * The deadline for submission of comments is 08 Jan 2018. * The ACDP objects for the reasons below and requests the deadline be extended to 08 Feb 2018. While this very short time period appears to be in-line with … Continue reading CITY’S WATER BY-LAW AMENDMENTS: Insufficient time for public comment (from 12 Dec to 8 Jan)

City amending its Water By-Law

DO YOU KNOW THE CITY IS AMENDING ITS WATER BY-LAW? The amendments impose certain Water-Use new restrictions and expectations on households. Attend the Open Day: 8 Jan, 2 - 4 pm, Civic Centre, Cape Town (Council Chambers, 6th floor) Closing date for Comments: 8 Jan 2018 Further details:…/comment-on-the-proposed-draft-… Facebook post


Numerous very serious allegations against the Mayor of Cape Town, City Manager, CT Transport Commissioner and another Executive Director are being investigated by an independant investigation team of a CT law firm - the report is due before Council on 5 Jan 2018; The Mayor and Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security were suspended … Continue reading ACDP CONCERNED ABOUT GOVERNANCE IN CAPE TOWN

CT Water Augmentation Projects stalling

CITYS ALTERNATIVE WATER SOURCE PROJECTS NOT PROGRESSING TO MEET URGENCY. The City is implementing seven "alternative water source" projects to stave off day zero. According to the Citys own "water dashboard", in the one month since 23 Nov 2017, none of these seven projects have progressed more than 4%. Cumulatively, all seven projects only progressed … Continue reading CT Water Augmentation Projects stalling

NOT the worst drought in 100 years.

"If the long-term rainfall records we examined are representative of general trends in our catchments, statements like "worst drought in history" or "worst drought in a century" appear to be unsubstantiated. The 1920s-30s drought (to name one) was dryer and lasted longer than the current drought (to date)." WATER DEMAND MANAGEMENT IS THE PROBLEM: "If … Continue reading NOT the worst drought in 100 years.

Mayors deadline extended: ACDP response

The ACDP believes the new deadline given to Mayor De Lille of early 2018 to give reasons why she should not be removed as Mayor, is deeply concerning and unacceptable. We believe the City’s ratepayers and the business community needs finality on the future of Cape Towns Mayor urgently. The DA cannot afford to let … Continue reading Mayors deadline extended: ACDP response